Full Stack Dev.

Parallel image servers with Python Flask - Docker

Key features:

  • python subprocessing
  • parallel image processing
  • composite image with openCV
  • interactive image map with imagemapster
  • flask socketIO servers generated on the fly based on MySQL database content
  • all the volumes are bind types, making it easy to setup before any docker-compose up [...]
  • vsftpd FTP interface for fast archive lookups
  • modus operandi via DEMOMODE environment variable

This piece of software is a reference element in my portfolio. Unfortunately – as all my most valuable works – it is under NDA.

I have chosen this project as reference, because it is one of the most recent, and most comprehensive work among my Full Stack Developments.

In order to put it into my portfolio I can make it available via an one-time invitation to my github repository, after signing an NDA at DigiSigner.

So if you are interested, please contact me for details, I am available on LinkedIn.